Resolutions are sorted in the order in which they were passed and by the academic year in which they were enacted.

Draft Resolution Template


RA Resolution 1718-03

A Policy to Amend the Budget Proposal Policy.

RA Resolution 1718-01

A Resolution in Support of DACA Students.


RA Resolution 1617-09

A Resolution to Recognize the Academic Achievements of CGW Members.

RA Resolution 1617-08

A Resolution Regarding the Potential Layoffs of Ranked Non-Tenure Track Faculty.

RA Resolution 1617-06

A Resolution to Set Forth Archival Policies for Representative Assembly Resolutions.

RA Resolution 1617-05

A Resolution Setting Forth Election Administration Policies.

RA Resolution 1617-04

A Resolution to Organize for a Sanctuary Campus Policy.

RA Resolution 1617-03

A Resolution to Advocate for a Parental Leave Policy.

RA Policy 1617-02

Establishment of Standing Orders for the CGW Representative Assembly.

RA Policy 1617-01

Establishment of a Procedure for Introducing Proposals Before the Representative Assembly.

Policy 1617-00

A Budget Proposal Policy.