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How do I join the union?

The best way to join CGW is to contact us directly by filling out our survey. In it you can tell us a little bit about yourself and about what issues matter most to you. We’ll be happy to follow up by meeting you and getting you signed up. It’s also a great opportunity for you to ask one of our organizers about member benefits, ways to get involved in the union, or any other questions you might have.

Alternatively, you can also join CGW online through our state affiliate, the Missouri National Education Association. If you are filling out the application online, select the options for quarter-time, adjunct academic. Also note that the dues displayed are not the dues you will be charged. Dues for a first year member, including the local dues, are $133.25. You will be charged the correct dues, they just get corrected on the back end.

(But really, it is our preference to sign you up on paper and in person, so feel free to send us an email – we’d love to sit down and talk with you!)

How else can I support CGW?

1) Wear red every week for #RedWednesday! Ever since the first Rally for Graduate Rights in 2015, red has been the color of our movement. It started out just standing for grads, but since then, our red shirts have come to stand for public education, employee protections, and support for vulnerable populations. Need a red t-shirt? Let us know and we’ll send you one!

2) Follow us on social media! Our Facebook and Twitter provide important updates (and snarky commentary) on the state of our union, our university, and our state politics that will keep you informed. If you’re a graduate student, join the Forum on Graduate Rights forum for discussion of issues specific to graduate students at MU.

3) Attend our events! Every Fall semester CGW holds the Rally for Graduate Rights in Traditions Plaza to welcome our members and allies back to campus and introduce new graduate workers to the union. Every May we hold the May Day Picnic in Peace Park to celebrate International Workers Day. We also run many other events throughout the year – check our Facebook for the most up-to-date details.

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