A Resolution to Advocate for a Parental Leave Policy

  CGW Representative Assembly Resolution #1617-03 A Resolution to Advocate for a Parental Leave Policy.BE IT ENACTED BY THE REPRESENTATIVE ASSEMBLY HERE GATHERED THAT: WHEREAS, Graduate student employees do not currently have access to a policy that provides workplace protections in the event of a pregnancy, birth of a child, or adoption of a child,Continue reading “A Resolution to Advocate for a Parental Leave Policy”

Establishment of a Procedure for Introducing Proposals Before the Representative Assembly

Policy 1617-01: Establishment of a Procedure for Introducing Proposals Before the Representative Assembly. Proposals, to include resolutions, internal policies, and referenda, must be submitted to the Agenda Setter [Head Representative or their designee] at least seven days in advance of a scheduled meeting of the Representative Assembly in order to be included on the agenda.Continue reading “Establishment of a Procedure for Introducing Proposals Before the Representative Assembly”

Establishment of Standing Orders for the CGW Representative Assembly

  Internal Policy Proposal #1617-02: Establishment of Standing Orders for the CGW Representative Assembly. The Standing Orders of the Representative Assembly shall proceed according to Modified Consensus, as described below, except where superseded by the Bylaws of the local or or by policy enacted by the Representative Assembly: Consensus shall mean that all are inContinue reading “Establishment of Standing Orders for the CGW Representative Assembly”

A Budget Proposal Policy

Policy #1617-00 A Budget Proposal Policy PURPOSE The purpose of this policy is to establish a regular procedure for the drafting, revision, and implementation of the Local’s annual budget. PROCEDURE  A Budget Committee shall be formed each fiscal year from members of the Local’s Representative Assembly and chaired by the Local’s Financial Officer. The followingContinue reading “A Budget Proposal Policy”

CGW Calls for International Student Protections

Earlier today, the Coordinating Committee of the Coalition of Graduate Workers sent the following letter to Interim Chancellor Hank Foley of the University of Missouri – Columbia, calling for him to take immediate action regarding President Donald Trump’s January 27th executive order.   January 29, 2017   Henry C. Foley Interim Chancellor 105 Jesse Hall UniversityContinue reading “CGW Calls for International Student Protections”

General Membership Assembly Notice

The Coalition of Graduate Workers will hold its first General Membership Assembly of the 2016-17 academic year on Saturday, September 24th, at 10:30 AM in Swallow Hall 101. All graduate student employees are encouraged to attend. Voting is reserved to dues-paying local members. The meeting agenda and supplementary materials are linked as follows: Agenda ProposedContinue reading “General Membership Assembly Notice”


CGW HAILS LANDMARK NATIONAL LABOR RELATIONS BOARD RULING, CALLS FOR UNIVERSITY RECOGNITION For immediate release August 23, 2016 Press Contact: Joseph Moore (732) 948-5718 Today the National Labor Relations Board issued a 3-1 decision overturning the partisan Bush-era Brown decision, which stripped graduate student employees at private universities of their right to organize into aContinue reading “CGW PRESS RELEASE ON NLRB DECISION”

CGW/FGR Statement on Review Commission Appointees

          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 29, 2016 Press Contacts CGW: Joseph Moore, (732) 948-5718 FGR: Anahita Zare, (407) 697-3693 On Wednesday, Missouri House Speaker Todd Richardson announced his hand-picked appointees to the University of Missouri Independent Review Commission, finalizing the commission’s composition. This announcement follows Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard’s appointments,Continue reading “CGW/FGR Statement on Review Commission Appointees”


On Sunday, the Columbia Tribune published a story regarding two married faculty in the Theater Department who were terminated without notice at the close of the spring semester, in accordance with the administration’s mandate for 5% cutbacks on a College and Division level. In one day, their entire household income was eliminated. It is clearContinue reading “CGW STATEMENT ON BUDGET CUTS”