This is It: #WeAreWorkers Rally Tomorrow!


Official hashtags: #WeAreWorkers and #RecognizeMe

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Two years ago today, graduate workers at the University of Missouri overwhelmingly chose to form a union: our union. And for two years, the University of Missouri has denied our constitutional right to organize and collectively bargain. Tomorrow, CGW finally has its day in court to argue for our democratic rights – and we need you to be there! The decision in this case could impact all graduate student employees at public institutions in Missouri.

CGW’s power comes from our organization, our members, and our allies in the community. We are asking for you to take the time out of your day to join us outside the Boone County Courthouse on April 20th at noon for a rally in advance of the court hearing, which begins at 1 PM. Those who wish to observe the hearing will be able to file into the courthouse afterwards.

If you are a graduate worker, CGW’s work matters for you. We began organizing in 2015 after the University’s disastrous attempt to take away our health insurance guarantee on less than a day’s notice. Because of our organizing, graduate employees not only still have health insurance, but the lowest-paid grad workers have seen a 50% raise. If we can collectively bargain with the university, we can protect those gains with a contract that lets you know exactly what to expect in terms of compensation, benefits, and working conditions – and we can press for action on issues like protections for international students, support for student parents, and lower fees.

If you are not a graduate worker, our struggle matters to you, too. Our employer is denying us a constitutional right using logic that appears nowhere in Missouri law. No boss should be allowed to do that. Every worker deserves equal treatment under the law and the right to organize.

We need every supporter we have in our community to join us on April 20th at noon outside the Boone County Courthouse. It’s a demonstration of our collective will and solidarity. This is the most important thing CGW has done since we held our recognition election in 2016, and with your help, we will win. We hope to see you there!

Note that while the hearing is open to the public, cell phones are not allowed inside the courthouse. (We will have a volunteer to hold your phone if you forget, but it’s better just to leave it at home.) And don’t forget: Wear Red!

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