A Resolution to Honor Zach Rubin for his Role as Head Representative.

Resolution #1718-09

A Resolution to Honor Zach Rubin for his Role as Head Representative.


WHEREAS, The heart of the labor movement is the belief that workers should have the ability to democratically make decisions about their own labor and their own working conditions; and

WHEREAS, A strong union is one where decisions are made by the will of the membership, rather than by the fiat of an executive or an administrator; and

WHEREAS, In the Coalition of Graduate Workers, the will of the membership is expressed through this Representative Assembly; and

WHEREAS, Zach Rubin, the representative from the Sociology Department’s membership, was twice elected as Head Representative of this body, first in the Spring of 2017 and then in the Fall of the same year; and

WHEREAS, Under the leadership of Mr. Rubin, the Representative Assembly has produced policies for the Local that have clarified its mission, developed its tactics, and empowered members to take active roles in guiding the course of the Local; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Rubin has consistently pressed for procedures that make the Representative Assembly more welcoming and inclusive to all its members; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Rubin has shown an indefatigable enthusiasm for the Local and continues to be one of its most active organizers; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Rubin plans to, at long last, graduate from our institution, and thus end his eligibility to continue serving as Head Representative of the Local’s Representative Assembly; THEREFORE, BE IT

RESOLVED, By a vote of the Representative Assembly here gathered that the Coalition of Graduate Workers does commend Zach Rubin for his countless contributions to our Local’s success; and be it further

RESOLVED, The Representative Assembly expresses its gratitude to Mr. Rubin for his leadership in building and developing this body; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Coalition of Graduate Workers wishes Mr. Rubin success in his future plans, and looks forward to news of his accomplishments from wherever his path takes him next.


Simona Simkins and Eric Scott, Co-Chairs;

Arianne Messerman, Organizing and Grievance Officer;

Joseph Moore, Outreach Officer;

Eric Rowse, Financial Officer;

Sukhvinder Shahi, International Student Affairs Officer;

And the Representatives from Art History, the School of Visual Art, Biological Sciences, English, the Division of Applied Social Sciences, Psychological Sciences, Mathematics, Communication, Journalism, Political Science, and History.




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