Policies for General Assembly Elections.

Internal Policy Proposal #1718-08

Policies for General Assembly Elections.

The following changes and additions are hereby made to the elections process for the General Assembly:

  • Given the inherent difficulties with casting electronic ballots anonymously and synchronously with a General Assembly meeting, members must be physically present in order to cast a ballot for elected positions in the General Assembly.
  • For elected position with two or more open slots (as, for example, with representatives to the MNEA Representative Assembly), General Assembly members shall cast their ballot for as many names as there are positions open.
    • These ballots shall be cast and counted without regard for ranked choice.  The top vote earners among all votes cast shall be considered the winner.
    • This shall not apply to elections for co-chair, should the need to elect two co-chairs at a meeting arise, as these shall be elected separately as individual positions.
    • If the number of members running is equal to the number of open positions, the meeting chair may opt to hold a vote of acclamation instead of by secret ballot.
    • In the case of a tie, a runoff election shall be held for the number of open slots that remain.  This process shall start with the highest tied vote earners, and progress down the vote tally ranking until all positions are filled.
  • If any contingencies occur which are not explicitly addressed in this policy or Resolution #1617-05, the Elections Committee will create and deploy a plan in situ that resolves the contingency in the best spirit of the Union bylaws. In such an event, said plan will be discussed for effectiveness at the next meeting of the Representative Assembly.


The Nominations and Elections Committee.




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