A Resolution Setting Forth Policies on the Election of Representatives.

Resolution 1718-07

A Resolution Setting Forth Policies on the Election of Representatives.

  • To make for better communication between the Representative Assembly, Coordinating Committee, and individual departments and programs, the term of a department representative shall be recognized by the Representative Assembly from August 1st to July 31st, though departments and programs may elect representatives on their own schedules and terms.
    • Departments or programs shall communicate the election of new representatives to the Head Representative and Co-Chairs in a timely fashion.
    • Should departments or programs be divided or consolidated, the Representative Assembly will recognize the number of Representatives the department or program is eligible for on August 1st of the academic year in question.
  • Represented units are encouraged to nominate representatives for the following academic year in the spring in order to coordinate new graduate student orientation and outreach in the fall.
  • Given the natural course of a graduate student employee’s academic career, term limits for representatives are not necessary.


The Rules Committee.


Reference Material:

Bylaws Article VI.2

Section 2        Composition and Requirements

  1. All Representatives must be dues-paying members within the bargaining unit.
  2. Each Department or Program with workers within the bargaining unit will have the right to nominate one Representative to the Representative Assembly.
  3. Represented units have the right to determine procedure for nominations, provided it accords to one person, one vote, and ensures that all Representatives have a plurality of voted support of dues paying members within their represented unit.
  4. Disputed representation may be appealed to the Representative Assembly, which will render a decision by majority vote. The disputed Representative, if already sitting, will not be eligible to vote.
  5. If it is unclear whether a Department or Program has the right to nominate a Representative, it will be deliberated and ruled upon by vote by the Representative Assembly.

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