A Policy Establishing Rules for Observer Status at Representative Assembly Meetings.

Resolution 1718-05

A Policy Establishing Rules for Observer Status at Representative Assembly Meetings.

The following rules shall apply to the Representative Assembly meetings:

  • All general assembly members in good standing are granted automatic non-speaking observer status at representative assembly meetings.
  • In keeping with CGW’s commitment to supporting graduate student families, all children and dependents of General Assembly members in good standing shall be granted automatic non-speaking observer status.
  • MNEA and NEA staff shall be granted automatic observer status.
  • Individual representatives may use their annual block to revoke the observer status of one individual observer for a single meeting.
  • Non-speaking observers may be granted speaking status at the discretion of the Head Representative.
  • Observers are not allowed to participate in the consensus decision-making process.
  • Individuals granted observer status may have this observer status revoked, for a period of time determined by the body, on consensus of the RA.


The Rules Committee.



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