A Policy to Amend the Budget Procedure Policy.

Resolution #1718-03

A Policy to Amend the Budget Procedure Policy.

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WHEREAS,  At the meeting of the General Membership in February of 2017, that body passed a policy regarding the creation and approval of the local’s annual budget; and

WHEREAS,  According to that policy, the local’s budget is to be drafted by a Budget Committee and ratified by the Representative Assembly; and

WHEREAS,  That policy specified that the annual budget should be submitted to the Representative Assembly prior to the first business meeting, whereupon it would be ratified or amended; and

WHEREAS,  In practice, this timing led to a lack of clarity as to whether the local was authorized to spend money on vital organizing activities at the beginning of the semester, such as the Rally for Graduate Rights and tabling at Orientation; and

WHEREAS,  Having a solid understanding of financial authorization at the beginning of the academic year is necessary for the continued growth of our local; THEREFORE, BE IT

RESOLVED, By a vote of the Representative Assembly here gathered that the Coalition of Graduate Workers shall amend the Budget Procedure as follows in Appendix A below.


Arianne Messerman, Organizing and Grievance Officer

Eric Scott, Co-Chair


APPENDIX A: Language Changes

Original language to be changed is struck throughNew language is bold.

Budget Procedure


The purpose of this policy is to establish a regular procedure for the drafting, revision, and implementation of the Local’s annual budget.


  1.  A Budget Committee shall be formed each fiscal year from members of the Local’s Representative Assembly and chaired by the Local’s Financial Officer. The following officers shall be members of the Budget Committee ex officio: the Financial Officer; the Local’s Co-Chairs; and the Head Representative of the Representative Assembly. There must also be at least two additional members who are not part of the Coordinating Committee.
  2. Prior to the first final scheduled meeting of the Representative Assembly each academic year, the Budget Committee shall prepare an initial budget to be used in the following academic year for the Local. This initial budget shall be distributed to the members of the Representative Assembly by the Head Representative not less than one week prior to the Representative Assembly’s first final scheduled meeting.
  3. Approval of the budget shall be taken up as a business item at the first final scheduled meeting of the Representative Assembly each academic year.
  4. Final authority to amend and approve the budget rests with the Representative Assembly.

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