CGW General Membership Meeting, 9/23/17

This is a notice that CGW will hold its first General Membership Meeting of the semester on Saturday, September 23rd, at 10 AM in Tate Hall 022 (otherwise known as Tate Auditorium.) We anticipate the meeting will be finished by 11:30 AM.

We’re covering a few things at this meeting. In addition to reports from your officers, we will elect our representatives to the MNEA Representative Assembly, discuss the accessibility of the general membership meetings, and have a breakout session facilitated by our co-chair, Simona Simkins.

The agenda is available here.

All CGW members are strongly encouraged to attend the General Membership meeting. CGW is a democratic, member-driven organization, and the General Membership meeting is one of the cornerstones of that effort. The Coordinating Committee is focusing on making the General Membership meetings more engaging and useful to our members this year, and we would appreciate any ideas or feedback you might have.

Refreshments will be provided. As always, we welcome and encourage members with children to bring them to the meeting.


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