Resolution #1617-09

A Resolution to Recognize the Academic Achievements of CGW Members.



WHEREAS, Despite the best efforts of many officials within the administration, the University of Missouri remains a distinguished and prestigious institute of higher education; and

WHEREAS, The completion of a graduate degree represents a difficult and commendable accomplishment at the best of times, and a Herculean task amidst the turmoil this campus has experienced over the past two years; and

WHEREAS, In addition to agitating for graduate rights and performing the labor necessary for our University to function, our local association’s members conduct vital research that advances the scholarship in their fields of study; and

WHEREAS, The close of the spring semester is the traditional time of year to celebrate the completion of academic degrees; and

WHEREAS, The bonds of camaraderie and friendship forged through our studies and our struggles lead us to a bittersweet pride in our members’ accomplishments and sadness at their departure; THEREFORE, BE IT

RESOLVED, By a vote of the Representative Assembly here gathered that the Coalition of Graduate Workers does commend and congratulate those members who shall graduate in the spring and summer semesters; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Coalition of Graduate Workers shall remember always the standards for courage, dedication, and solidarity set by those members who joined in the local’s earliest days; and be it further

RESOLVED,  That the Coalition of Graduate Workers shall watch with joy and awe as our graduating members go forth from the University of Missouri and continue to shape a better world for all who come after us.


Sarah Senff and Eric Scott, Co-Chairs