Resolution #1617-08

A Resolution Regarding the Potential Layoffs of Ranked Non-Tenure Track Faculty.



WHEREAS, On April 3, 2017, the University of Missouri System issued a statement regarding “Systemwide Budget Guidance” in response to the potentially severe cuts to the state’s allocations towards public higher education; and

WHEREAS, Within this guidance, the System Administration warned of possible layoffs for staff and non-tenure track faculty; and

WHEREAS, Non-tenure track faculty lack protections held by tenured faculty for employment loss due to budgetary concerns or program closures, and also lack the severance packages and support from Human Resources held by staff members; and

WHEREAS, Non-tenure track faculty make up 44% of all ranked faculty at the University, with an average length of service equaling nearly 11 years, making their lack of employment protections inexcusable; and

WHEREAS, Non-tenure track faculty, along with adjuncts and staff members, face the same precarious employment situation as graduate student employees, with whom they also share the burden of providing most of the undergraduate teaching responsibilities of the University; and

WHEREAS, Non-tenure track faculty members have been key allies in the struggle for graduate employee rights, having participated in numerous actions held by the Forum on Graduate Rights and the Coalition of Graduate Workers; and

WHEREAS, An injustice to one group of workers on our campus is an injustice to all workers; and

WHEREAS, The MU Faculty Council unanimously approved a Resolution on Potential Layoffs of Non-Tenure Track Faculty on April 13th, 2017, detailing a list of provisions to be made by the administration in the event of layoffs due to budgetary considerations, as well as other measures to better the working conditions of non-tenure track faculty; THEREFORE, BE IT

RESOLVED, By a vote of the Representative Assembly here gathered that the Coalition of Graduate Workers does support Faculty Council’s Resolution on Potential Layoffs of Non-tenure Track Faculty without reservation; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Coalition of Graduate Workers does consider non-tenure track faculty to be natural and indispensable allies in the struggle for justice to all workers at the University of Missouri; and be it further

RESOLVED,  That should non-tenure track faculty pursue any further action to organize in pursuit of more just compensation and dignified working conditions the Coalition of Graduate Workers will support them to the best of our ability and stand with them in solidarity, as they have stood with us.


Sarah Senff and Eric Scott, Co-Chairs