A Resolution On Setting Forth Election Administration Policies.

Resolution #1617-05

A Resolution On Setting Forth Election Administration Policies.


Nomination Process:

  • A nomination can be submitted electronically, but acceptance of the nomination is required from the nominee at least 24 hours before the election takes place.
  • Nominations from the floor can occur on the day of elections, however the nominee needs to be physically present to accept the nomination.

Election Process

  • Elections shall be held for one position at a time via a secret ballot in the order listed:
  1. Co-Chair
  2. Organizing and Grievance Officer
  3. Financial Officer
  4. Corresponding and Recording Officer
  5. Outreach Officer
  6. Diversity Officer
  7. International Student Affairs Officer
  • Nominees for each position must leave the room during the time ballots are being cast and counted for that position.
  • For each position, candidates shall be given up to 2 minutes to address the General Assembly in support of their candidacy.  If a candidate is not present at the meeting, they may provide a written statement to be read, a video to be played, or designate a proxy to speak on their behalf.  Said materials or proxy must be communicated to the Elections Committee or meeting chair in advance of the meeting.
  • Ballots shall be cast as “one person, one vote,” where each qualified voter casts their vote for one nominee in each position.
  • Balloting will be conducted, per the bylaws Article V, Sections 1, by the Elections Committee.
    • Ballots shall be collected and counted by members of the Elections Committee or their designees.
    • Unsuccessful candidates may opt to run for any number of additional positions downballot
    • Two members of the Elections Committee or their designees must count the ballots and concur on the results.
    • If anyone on the Election Committee assigns designees, they shall be communicated to the meeting chair prior to the start of the meeting.
  • If there are any uncontested ballots after nominations are concluded, the meeting chair may opt to hold a vote of acclamation instead of by secret ballot.
  • In the event that there are no members of the Elections Committee or their designees present, three to five members in good standing from the General Assembly not seeking office, making speeches, or otherwise subject to a conflict of interest will volunteer.
  • In the instance of a tie ballot, the meeting chair shall cast the deciding vote.

Appeals Process:

  • All appeals must be made to the Election Committee in writing and be received no more than ten business days following the election meeting. The appeals shall include evidence for the basis of the appeal. The Election Committee will make every reasonable effort with all parties to resolve the issue.
  • Should this fail, then the Election Committee will forward the appeal to the incumbent co-chairs.

Special Elections Process:

  • If a co-chair resigns at any point between their election and the next regularly scheduled election meeting, an announcement that a special election shall be held must be made to the General Assembly at least one week prior to a General Assembly meeting where an election can occur.
    • The Representative Assembly may nominate and elect an interim Co-Chair.
      • The process for this interim position election is as followed in the General Assembly for a general election.
    • The announcement will indicate that during the special election, both nominations and election of the officer(s) will occur within the same meeting.
    • A special election shall be held at the General Assembly meeting specified in the announcement.
      • The meeting at which the special election will be held shall be the only meeting at which nominations shall be taken.
      • The election shall be subject to all other regulations as specified above.
  • All other position vacancies shall be appointed, per the bylaws Article IV, Section 4, by the Coordinating Committee.

This policy shall be re-addressed by the Elections Committee in the fall of 2017, and re-presented to the Representative Assembly before the following general election.


The Nominations and Elections Committee.




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