CGW Representative Assembly Resolution #1617-03

A Resolution to Advocate for a Parental Leave Policy.CGW_logo-04.pngBE IT ENACTED BY THE REPRESENTATIVE ASSEMBLY HERE GATHERED THAT:

WHEREAS, Graduate student employees do not currently have access to a policy that provides workplace protections in the event of a pregnancy, birth of a child, or adoption of a child, except for the option to apply for a general medical leave; and

WHEREAS, This lack of a policy leaves graduate student employees open to unreasonable working expectations, such as returning to work only days after a pregnancy, because their positions could be eliminated otherwise; and

WHEREAS, The average graduate/professional student is 34 years old, and the large majority are over the age of 22; and

WHEREAS, Many graduate student employees are therefore forced to choose between having children or maintaining their academic and professional positions; and

WHEREAS, Many graduate student employees who are paid via national fellowships, such as those of the National Science Foundation, would have access to parental leave funds through their fellowships if the University of Missouri had a leave policy, but cannot access these funds due to the lack thereof; and

WHEREAS, The Graduate Professional Council has recently passed Resolution 1617-16, “A Resolution to Advocate for a Parental Policy for All Students and a Parental Leave Policy for Graduate and Professional Students on Assistantship and/ or Fellowship,” outlining the necessity for such a policy; THEREFORE BE IT

RESOLVED, By a vote of the Representative Assembly here gathered, that the Coalition of Graduate Workers does support the speedy implementation of a gender-neutral parental leave policy for graduate student employees; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Coalition of Graduate Workers shall make clear its desire to work with the Graduate Professional Council to pursue the implementation of this policy; and be it further

RESOLVED, That advocating for further protections and benefits for graduate student employee parents shall be part of the local’s organizing and bargaining goals.


The Student Parent Working Group